Jacky Vike popularly known due to her role as Awinja in a local series known as Papa Shirandula has given men her check list on the ultimatums that  the lucky man must meet to make the beautiful comedian his wife.

Awinja took to her largely followed Instagram account to share her irreducible minimums.

She posted up a video of her in the country side enjoying the chicken clucks, feeding cows and goats, doing strolls in the maize plantations and expressed her desire to lead that kind of upcountry life when she got married.

The mother of one gave an advance warning to the man who would wish to put a ring on it stating that he must own 50 acres of land.

The comedian termed her expensive requirement as something  basic stating that that was her dream life.

”Ule atanioa let me say in advance I am basic this is the life I want. Staki much Acre 50 pekee imagine” she captioned the upcountry video



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Excited Netizens flocked the comment section to air out their opinions on the comedian’s terms and conditions.

Some blasted her for being materialistic arguing that there was nothing basic about the 50 acres she wanted while others hilariously offered to get double the acres of land so as to be the lucky man who finally takes her out of the streets.

Women should wake up and work…and weak men to quit this BS coz they are making life harder for us if you want coochie so much just skip the process and buy it… uyu anapewa 50 acres aje sasa. EARN IT”

”She’s smart huyu sasa ndio anabamba..unaona walughya wanaitisha vitu za maana.

”Hiyo shamba yote inatoka wapi..That’s almost a trillion..Are you worth a trillion?” a netizen asked.

The comedian joins the lists of kenyan female celebrities who have put a price tag on it.

Her announcement comes barely hours after a Kenyan socialite known as Mylee Stacy stated that her bride price was worth 800 million.

Eve Mungai’s boyfriend started the wagon after stating that he would give 10 Million as dowry for the talented blogger.








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