Sports CAS and musician Jaguar has broken silence after being slammed by Akothee.

Trouble between the two began when Jaguar thrashed the 2023 list of the richest artists in East Africa, saying that he is richer than Akothee. According to him, the findings on the list were based on visible wealth but the results would have been totally different had they gone into deeper details.

Akothee was highly angered by Jaguar’s remarks. She slammed him for competing and comparing himself with a woman.

She further said that Jaguar was bragging that he was rich yet he was being funded by tax payers’ money. According to her, Jaguar rushed into politics so that he could remain relevant.

“Most celebs/ mucisians run into politics to make money and to remain Relevant in power 🤣🤣🤣 not to help the common mwananchi or Change the Economy, you feel good when people chase you MheshimIwa mheshimiwa, I don’t need that I AM AKOTHEE PERIOD kwani what qualifications do you have to earn a seat in parliament , if an exam was to be done on positions some politicians are holding 🤣🤣🤣🤣haki most would go home early last evening 🤣🤣🤣,so be humble 🙏 Let me not hear any politician bragging with tax payers money ati ” Riches ” Riches kitu Gani , those business flight tickets, Choppers are paid by the government not your personal money, while peoples children can’t even afford school fee,” she wrote on social.

Her anger however did not end there as she  has continued to throw shades at the former Lang’ata MP.

“Forensic analysis ifanywe ndio tujue alitengeneza pesa na hii mziki ya Kenya ama ingine,” she recently said.

Jaguar has however responded to her saying she doesn’t know whatever she is fighting with.

“Unachopigana nacho hukijui kitakuramba A**thee,” he said.


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