Comedian Eric Omondi has for once escaped arrest by a whisker after blocking Lang’ata Road to distribute free unga.

An excited Eric took to Instagram and mocked the police saying that they came to arrest him today only for them to find the place empty.

According to him, the police usually arrest him so that they can get free money through cash bail.

He also addressed the high cost of living saying that he will give a way forward.

” Wamezoea sanaa kutushika kila saa ndio tulipe Cash bail Wakule…Leo wameona Mchezo wa paka na Panya. Wamefika wakushtuka tumemaliza na tukaenda. Something must be done and must be DONE URGENTLY!!! Sugar was Ksh 160 last week and this Week its Ksh 240. Fuel is UP!!! and TAX is UP!!! Unless we take a STAND we will not make it!!! We are going to give a clear way FORWARD for the COMMON MWANCHI. STANDBY,” Eric said.

While distributing the flour, Eric was however involved in a heated confrontation with a man.

“Umetumwa na Ruto, don’t touch my unga, rudi huko,” he told off the unidentified man.


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Previously, the comedian was forced to spend nights behind bars a couple of times for engaging in protests. He however cried foul for being mistreated by the police yet he was also fighting for their rights.

“Kenya police force has arrested me 4 times illegally. What I am doing, I am doing it for Kenyans and not me., Things are bad in this country to a point that even civil servants have not be paid,, at the same time electricity is high, there is no unga, there is no health, petroleum is high. My demonstrations have been peaceful and I have always done them alone. No property has ever been destroyed during my demonstration. Nobody has ever been injured during my demonstration. No business has ever been closed during my demonstration. I have even notified the police but they still have gone ahead and arrested me illegally and they take up to 9 hours-11 hours not knowing what to charge me with because there is usually none,” Eric lamented.


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