Sports CAS Charles Kanyi Njagua aka Jaguar recently released a  music video that depicted an extravagant lavish lifestyle. The video sparked outrage among Kenyans who accused him of misusing tax payers money.

Following the uproar, the singer-cum-politician has now been forced  to come out and defend himself and share details of the source of his wealth.

In an interview with bloggers, Jaguar explained that he took his music career back then as a business, so he invested most of his earnings. The move enabled him to accumulate the vast wealth he currently enjoys .

The ‘Kigeugeu ‘ hit maker said he made huge investments in real estate and car importation. He claimed he was way rich  even before becoming a member of parliament.

“Mimi hakuna mahali tunahusiana na taxpayers money na before hata nikuwe mbunge nilikuwa na pesa. Maisha kama yale ya video ni vitu nimefanya miaka kama 15 nikiwa kwenye industry, yani hata nikiacha mziki wakati niliacha ni sababu niliona hakuna kitu sijafanya,” Jaguar said.

The former Starehe MP further said he only stopped flaunting his wealth on social media after he was elected to parliament.

“Kwa hivo hata kuingia kwa government ilinifanya nisieze kupost vitu zingine, kwa hivo nikianza kupost watachoka sana,” he added.

Jaguar  addressed the concerns during a press conference as he relaunched his record label, Main Switch.

The music legend also faulted the recently released Forbes list of wealthy musicians in East Africa saying Akothee can’t be richer than him.

“Unajua ukiangalia hio list(Forbes list)mimi nimekuwa kwa hii industry for more than 15 years, lakini mimi naeza swear hapa before nyinyi kama mtu kama akothee na harmonize wamenishinda naeza wacha mziki leo,” he said

At the same time, Jaguar advised musicians to invest during their peak years and create wealth instead of blaming record labels when they come tumbling down.



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