Singer Willy Paul has claimed that he is the only straight male artist in Kenya.

In a statement he made on Instagram, Willy Paul threatened to expose artists who try to dispute his remarks.

He further said that he doesn’t support the current trend of men wearing skirts and dresses saying that those doing so are setting a bad example to children

“The Only Straight Male Musician In Kenya, Please Msanii Asijaribu Kubishana Na Mimi Because Hio Siri Nitaitoa Mimi Alaaa! I Am a Man, and I Say No To Men Putting On Skirts. We Have Kids That Are Looking Up To Us, What Imagine Are We Selling To The Kids? NOTHING TO DISCUSS!!” the Saldido boss said.

The post drew mixed reactions from fans with some accusing him of targetting Bahati.

“Ni nini unabishana na Bahati na hujakatazwa,” one wrote.

“Wewe usanii imekushinda 😂🙆🏽‍♂️ unabishana na watu hawana shughuli yako,” said another.

“Umesema kuna wasanii sim 2″

Another netizen claimed that he also impacted negatively on the children.”

“Wakifunza watoi kuvaa skirt pia wewe unawafunza ukunaji.😂😂si ati you are better.”

This is not the first time that the Umeme hitmaker is addressing the matter. A week ago, he bashed artists who were cross dressing and thanked his mother for raising a real man.

“Security Tight, Thank You Bungoma! Sio Lazima Nivae Skirt Ndio Nisikike, Staying True To My African Culture. Thank You Salome For Raising a Real Man… One Love,” he said.

Several male musicians that have been spotted with dresses and skirts include gospel singer Embarambamba and Bahati


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