Willy Paul

Willy Paul has addressed the issue of popular male celebrities dressing as women in a bid to entertain their fans and followers.

In a post he shared on Instagram, the artists said that it isn’t a must for him to dress like women for him to be heard. Willy Paul said that by doing so, he was staying true to his African culture. He further said that he was grateful to his mother for raising a real man.

“Security iko tight. Thank you Bungoma! Si lazima nivae skirt ndio nisikike . Staying true to my African culture. Thank you Salome for raising a real man, one love,” the Saldido Recording label owner said after a successful concert in Bungoma.

In the recent days, his rival Bahati has caused mixed reactions on social media by embracing crossdressing because of content creation. Kabi wa Jesus has also taken up the trend.

Others who have engaged in a similar trend include comedian Eric Omondi  and Terence Creative as well as content creator Kinuthia.

Meanwhile, Willy Paul has taken credit for carrying the Kenyan music industry. While joining the discussion of foreign artists outshining Kenyan musicians in their own country,  the artist said that local blogs are to blame for that.

He added that he would revive the industry on his own.

“I’m Not Here To Fight Anyone But To State Facts! I’ve Carried This Music Industry Alone Since Kitambo. Remember Willy Paul Was The First Artist Ever From Africa To Be Featured On @theshaderoom Room. The First East African Artist To Trend #2 On Apple TV America, @nickiminaj Took The Number 1 Spot Back Then. The Song #IDO Became So Big That No Wedding Missed Playing The Song Worldwide.

“The Song Was Number 1 In Different Parts Of The World For Years. I Got Alot Of Support From Outside And Not Here. Over Here They Kept Praising Artists That Made No Sense And Had No Humour In Their Works! The Blogs Here Have Contributed 100% To Destroying Our Industry By Supporting Mediocrity And Foreign Musicians Over Their Own. Well Like I Said, I Did It Once And I Can Do It Again Beginning Now!! Not To Forget That I Did It Alone, And To You My Day One’s, Thank You For Always Supporting Me!
Just Try Understanding My Point And It’ll Sink In, One Love,” he said.


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