Controversial TikToker Nyako Pilot has opened up on her dark past where she underwent at least five abortions.

Speaking to Oga Obinna, Nyako said that underwent the backdoor abortions because she was not aware of who fathered the babies.

Nyako revealed that she nearly died during the procedures that were conducted by quack doctors.

“I ended up with five abortions. Because I didn’t know the father from this kids. Some of them almost killed me, zile za kutolewa kwa besheni na chuma, backdoor. Unaenda wanaweka ndoo wanaleta chuma, quack doctors,” Nyako said.

She also talked about the family planning pill that she used after sexual intercourse warning about how harmful it is.

“Sijui kama bado kuna Postna2 in the market, that drug they should get rid of it, it is killing people silently and I don’t know if the doctors are making people aware here in Kenya that Postana2 is a silent killer and they should get rid of it. Young girls …mimi sipendi condom, that’s the option, kunywa P2 do your thing go your way,” she said.

Speaking from experience, Nyako said that continuous usage of the pill leads to ectopic pregnancy. Ectopic pregnancy is whereby a fertilized eggs attaches itself and grows in the fallopian tube. Normally, a fertilized egg should attach itself on the lining of the uterus

“The more you take P2 the more resistant the body becomes and at some point you gonna take P2 and its not going to work  and your are going to end up with ectopic pregnancy. In the case where the baby grows without your knowledge, unajua huku Kenya mambo ya medical is not a little bit taken care of.

“When the baby grows up in the fallopian tube, at 3 months, you will end up dead because its gonna burst without you knowing so that happened to me. Luckily enough I already left for Germany. Nilikunywa Postna2 so I thought I was good to go and that was not the first abortion, it was the third so I got ectopic pregnancy, I went to the doctor, they did their thing kumbe mtoto alikataa, Pharmacists it is a silent killer,: she explained.


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