Harmonize has agreed that if Tanzanian Artists unite and work together, they stand a better chance in taking their music to greater levels in Africa and the world at large.

The single again hitmaker said that it is only when artists are at  peace with everyone that they can focus on more important things.

“Ukiwa unabishana na mikwaruzano unaangalia anafanya nini huyo, wacha mimi nifanye hichi, ndio sometimes inakufanya usilale lakini nadhani peace inakufanya unafocus na vitu vya msingi zaidi,” he said in an interview with Clouds FM.

Harmonize added that making peace with everyone is his plan, considering that his age can no longer allow him to do childish things like having beefs.

“Kuwa cool na kila mtu ni mpango wangu ukizingatia pia umri haunirusu am turning 30 next year kwa hivyo I can not do childish…” he said as the interviewers questioned if he is going to make peace with his former boss Diamond Platinumz

“Mimi niko poa na kila mtu. Lakini pia namshukuru mwenyezi Mungu jinsi ninavyozidi kusonga mbele inanifanya nione wow this is another world this is a new mimi. Mimi sina tatizo na mtu yeyote na sina tatizo na yeye pia. Tukuwe tu kwa umoja tujitambue tujue kwamba tushakuwa watu wazima and all that,” he said.

He however noted he has not communicated with Diamond to end their differences, like he did with Rayvanny but was hopeful; that the right time for that would come.

“Inshallah time, that’s why I have said we are growing everyday, every day is another day. Today, I am not like I was yesterday there is a day, today I have new thoughts, you never knew, there is a day that I will see I have to call him,  he will also feel and say I have to call my brother,”: Harmonize said.


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After beefing for years, Harmonize and Rayvanny ended their beef earlier this year. Recently, Rayvanny also defended Harmonize against claims that he had bought the recent awards that he won in US.

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