Jeremiah Kioni, seasoned politician and supporter of the Jubilee party has introduced a new slogan in town.

The former Ndaragwa member of Parliament excited citizens with his new quote meant to taunt UDA supporters.

The trending quote states that the Kenyan President lies all the time because that is his nature, a slogan that has seemingly been drawn from the Christian religion where they state that God is Good all the time since that is his nature.

Kioni premiered his new slogan in a clip that is now doing rounds on social media.

Surrounded by his supporters they all joined in chanting the slogan

”Ruto lies all the time, and all the time Ruto lies and that is his nature.Shindwe.”

The former lawmaker excited netizens especially the young generation when he also unleashed another slogan based on the current trending song ” Mwaki” by Sophia Nzau and a Brazillian producer known as Zerb. The tune has put the country on the music map as it has been making headlines internationally since its release.

”Nooooouu no noathamire” to mean that there is a condition set that the person in question must vacate.

The opposition which Kioni is part of has been on the president’s neck, blasting him for not fulfilling his promises to Kenyans.

Kenyans flocked to the comment section with opinions on the newly formed opposition slogan. Some lauded the politician for his bravery while others appreciated Kioni’s good taste in music.

”If there is a guy with guts it this Kioni guy, Very brave,”

”Kenya hakuna kupumzika kila siku jambo jipya.”

”Saa hii waliunda saa ngapi?” netizens commented.

Kioni’s slogan comes days after the leader of the opposition Raila Odinga termed the G to G Oil deal a scam pressuring the current government to shawcase documents on the same.




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