Brazillian Police clashed with Argentina fans before brazil’s World Cup qualifiers even began.

It all started when the two nations stood up for their respective national anthems which led to a clash in the stands at the stadium.

A fight broke out and shocking scenes of  Brazilian police charging at fans violently with batons ensued.

Some fans ran to the pitch to escape the fight while others ripped out seats and threw them at the law observers.

The scene turned bloody as many fans could be seen trying to evade the batons with blood tickling all over their face.

At least one fan was badly injured leading to him being pulled out in a stretcher to a waiting ambulance.

All this happened as the Argentina captain Leonel Messi watched in disbelief as the journalists and bloggers surrounded him recording his mortified reaction.

Messi and Co went over to the stand to try and calm things down with the visiting goalkeeper Emiliano Martinez climbing into the stand at one point to try and hush things out.

The Argentina players finallly resulted into returning to the dressing room amid the disturbing scenes.

The police eventually managed to calm down the situation and the players emerged 15 mins later.

Despite the hiccups, the match still went on with Argentina inflicting Brazil with their first ever world cup qualifiers defeat in home soil at the 96th minute.

Speaking to the press after his win, Messi slammed the police for their uncalled for brutality and violence.

”We saw how the police were hitting people also with some of our families here. It also happened in the (copa) libertadores final, again repressing the people. They are more focused on that than on playing the game. We are family, we decided to play to make the situation more calm” Messi explained.


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