Israel minister of defence Yoav Gallant has said that the country has no intention of escalating fight with Hezbollah, a Lebanese political and militant group.

Yaov spoke after Israel exchanged fire with the Lebanon troops at the northern border.

“We do not want any escalation of the situation,” he told Israel troops who were at the edge of the Gaza .

The minister added that  Hezbollah will pay a very high price if they opt to go to war.  Yaov further said that Hezbollan restraint against further attacks and war would keep the situation as it is hence gaining respect from Israel.

Gallant: Israel moving to full offense, Gaza will never go back to what it once was | The Times of Israel


“If Hezbollah opts for war, they will pay a very high price…But if they restrain themselves, we will respect that and keep the situation as it is,” the former  commander of southern command in the Israel Defense Forces emphasized.

He further added that his country has a job to do due to the number of its troops which had been deployed around the Gaza Strip.

Following the deployment, the war at Gaza would be deadly, intensive and this would forever change the situation hence claiming more innocent lives of men, women and children.

However, since the gruesome war started, thousands of people have lost their lives both in Israel and the Gaza strip.

More than 9000 people have been injured since the outbreak of the conflict.

People from all over the world have stepped up to condemn the ongoing Israel-Hamas conflict.

“Hope the righteous side wins. Hope America stops sending billions to fund wars that it shouldn’t be a part of,” said Matthew S

“I will continue fasting and praying for our brothers and sisters of Israel. We here in US are behind you 110%. May God bless all of your families. Stand strong,” commented @drewtheceo9024

“Its heartbreaking for both the people of Israel and Gaza. Most ofr the people of the world cant help[ what their evil leaders do,”@bobbyadkins6983




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