Thee Pluto

Popular YouTuber and the king of loyalty tests Thee Pluto has lost his TikTok account that boasts of over 977,000 followers.

On Wednesday, Thee Pluto announced that the account was banned because of a mistake he made. According to him, he shared his contacts several times leading to him being banned from the social media platform.

He has however appealed the decision to ban the account.

“Guys sijui nilie sijui nifanye nini. My TikTok account of 977,000 followers  has be banned. Watu wangu nimekuwa kwa ofisi nimetoka  tuchukuwe long drive kidogo. There is a new account, Thee Pluto King. Ile ingine nimetumana appeal. Mistake yangu ilikuwa nilicomment  namba yangu ya simu kwa 2 or 3 of my friends kwa comment section,” he shared in a video.

“My TikTok account of 977.7k followers  has been banned. I commented my contact several times on the comment section and it led to the ban. I have appealed for its restoration. Thank you for your support,” he further said in his Insta Stories.

The ban on the Pluto comes barely weeks after Andrew Kibe lost his YouTube account with massive following. The move saw Kibe opt for rival platforms to share his content.

The Head of Google’s Communication in Africa however explained why the account and others that are associated to him were terminated.

“Kibe violated You tube’s terms of service,  while he was restricted from using  YouTube  features including  uploading videos on his  channel, he used another channel to get around these restrictions aka circumvention, resulting in  termination of all his channels,” Dorothy Ooko revealed.


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