In the sparkling world of showbiz, Kennedy Rapudo isn’t just a wealthy businessman, he is also a devoted father embroiled in a heartfelt co-parenting battle with his second mama.

This gripping saga revolves around the custody of his 8-year-old son, and it is a story that’s been unfolding since December of 2022. Kennedy Rapudo has opened up about the challenges he faces in his relationship with his baby mama, as she denies him access to their son.

Rapudo’s third baby mama Amber Ray, is at the centre of this emotional tug-of-war. His son’s mother has been raising concerns about their son’s well-being with Amber’s presence. She insists that their son visits to Rapudo’s residence be supervised, citing worries about her popular social media presence.

“As far as I am concerned the house belongs to a wife. How do I convince my wife that my son is supposed to be here with another house help? Does that even make sense?” Rapudo said in an exclusive interview with Mungai Eve.

Recently the situation hit a low point when their son was a no-show at his own birthday party, meticulously planned by Rapudo. The frustrated father poured out his heart in a lengthy post, sharing his struggles and disappointments.

Rapudo spilled the beans on his legal journey to secure custody of their son. He expressed his commitment to follow the court’s joint custody ruling, even though it has presented it’s own set of challenges.

Initially granted access to his son twice a month, Rapudo tried to make most of his time with his son. He showered him with gifts, hired a driver, and prepared to spend quality time together. However, things took a turn recently when his baby mama intervened, claiming that she couldn’t release him because his birthday was around the corner.

“When the hearing was done they gave out a verdict that I was to have custody. On the said date I went to his school bought him a gift and celebrated his birthday. The mother showed up 40 minutes later. That weekend was mine. I hired him a driver and I also told the driver to bring him to my premises, the mother is aware,”  Rapudo  said.

He also told Eve Mungai that his baby mama instead told the driver that the arrangement was not possible.

“The mother told him she can’t release him yet, because his birthday is the next day. That’s what the driver told me.”

Heartbroken by the denial, Rapudo revealed that he had taken legal action against his baby mama back in December for disclosing damaging information about him being a deadbeat father.

His determination stems from a deep desire to ensure that his son never feels abandoned.

“I never want my son to grow up and see I was never there to support him and that’s why I took this matter to court.” Kennedy stated.

Rapudo is no absent father as he covers school fees, related expenses, and provides a monthly allowance of sh30k. However he faced a puzzling situation when his baby mama rejected vouchers and demanded cash instead. Being the dedicated father he promptly complied.

Furthermore, he went above and beyond, purchasing a car for his son’s transportation needs, costing sh830k, and hiring a driver on a salary.

“The car was around 840k and a driver as well. I’m paying him salary.” He added about fulfilling his end of the court decree.

The joint custody arrangements still remains a puzzle as Rapudo questions the fairness of paying sh30k every month when he has his son for extended periods. His lawyer is now seeking clarification from the court, as his matter continues to be a source of frustration for Rapudo.

Through all the trials and tribulations, Rapudo’s love for his son shines brightly. He describes him as his “only biological son” and expressed his unwavering commitment to being there for him, no matter what it takes.

“My son loves me to the moon and back. he is my only biological son, and all I want to do is be with him,” he said.




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