Thee Pluto

Thee Pluto has come out to reveal the amount of money he charges brands for exclusive marketing.

In a post he shared on his IG stories, the 24 year old said that he only charges half a million which is not a lot of money.

“Some brands think I charge too  much for exclusive marketing. 500k monthly ni mingi?” he posed.

He went ahead to share details about the huge following he enjoys on social media.

“Na ni unlimited posts kwa FB(1 million followers), YouTube(200 plus million views), Instagram(617 followers) TikTok(130 followers),” he wrote.

In a separate story, The content creator shared that in the last 28 days, he had achieved 7.3 million views on YouTube. He said that he has realized the success because of his fans and prayed for God’s blessings upon them.

Thee pluto is among Kenyans who have are successful at such a young age. His millions have come from YouTube and investments such as farming and apartments. He is currently focusing on cryptocurrency and trading, something that seems to be elevating his riches, if what he posts online is anything to go by.

The father of two recently faced the wrath of netizens after announcing that he was looking forward to sponsor a needy student’s secondary education after the release of KCPE Results.

“I am looking forward to sponsoring one child who has passed in his/her KCPE exams.The selected student must be in need and unable to fully afford secondary education. In case you know of such a kid, DM me with details. thanks, Tuanze plans mapema,” he innocently shared online.

A section of netizens were not pleased by his move and thought that he should have done that in private;

“Si kwa ubaya lakini mbona celebrities kusaidia mtu lazima iende social media 😮🤐.”

“SI angeenda tu Kijiji yao bila kueka status juu am sure wako wote uko 😂😂eii Hawa wasanii.”

“Najua around his village hawezi kosa kids who need help. No need to post here in IG for validation, anyway good work.”



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