Thee Pluto

Thee Pluto alias Peter Ndegwa has come clean on what caused his depression that struck him around the month of April this year.

The self proclaimed sanitizer took to his Instagram account where he posted up a series of posts opening up to his fans on what was troubling him at the time.

The father of three revealed that some individual had plotted to tarnish his name and reputation going to the extent of coming up with a budget to facilitate the former musician’s downfall.

Ndegwa further revealed that the individual who he only referred to as MR. X had gone in search of broke campus students who he hired to troll and bully the content creator in his comment section.

” Yall remember when I was depressed! You wont imagine. Someone came up with a budget to tarnish my name. Person x looked for campus students { broke and desperate for money” and fed them with false information to tarnish my name.” his post read in part.

According to him, the students were directed to leave defaming comments but one that popped up most were comments about him being a scammer.

”Their task was very simple to storm my pages or else where my name is being mentioned call me a scammer and say shitty things. So I know media is capable of anything.” the content creator stated.

The newly found forex trader revealed that he once took a trip so as to get away from his family in search of solitude before mentioning that an acquittance reached out pushing him to reach a point of making a decision that he would not go back to that dark place mentally.

”I sank into depression, I remember leaving my family and travelling just to be alone. It was not easy but i swore never to be there again after someone I know in boxed me.”


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