Nyako the popular Tiktok content creator has offered an apology to all the people she has offended online through her content.

The self-proclaimed ”president” took to her largely followed Tiktok account where she addressed her fans.

She clung to religion, asking for forgiveness stating that no one was perfect as we all fell short of the glory of God.

The entertainer asked God for wisdom to find it within herself to be the ”Nyako” that her fans needed.

In her defence, she explained that she had also been a victim of the TikTok theatrics.

”In one way or the other, ata mimi nimekwazwa, enhe, ata mimi nimekosewa. Tafadhali mnisamehe.. and let me find the Nyako that you want guys, I’m not perfect..let me try to be yule mchungaji mnataka nikue. Hakuna mchungaji aliyekamilika. Only Jesus, Only the man of God amekamilika. Lakini sisi binadamu, we all fall short of the glory.” The funny lady pleaded.

Nyako blasted the fans in the comment section who suggested that Nyako would take back her words in a matter of time and go back to her old ways.

”So guys wacheni kungoja a few minutes later. Please wacheni kungoja iyo a few minutes later coz its not necessary ,its like you are praying for me to sin.You are literally leading mchungaji kwa shimo aanguke huko ” she stated


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Kenyans flocked the comment section armed with opinions on the apology. Some compared Nyako to notorious content creator Brian Chira, stating that they had a habit of insulting people then offering apologies when they got cornered.

Huyu na Chira difference ni mmoja ni broke but tabia ya kutukana watu na kuapologize next minute wako 🤞”

Ameona hamtatuma zile. Simba atap atap akiwa kwa ile kitchen yake ndogo”

Mbona anakondoa macho hivo” netizens commented



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