Gloria Ntazola, the lady who shot to the limelight after a messy confrontation with a county police officer has blasted Kenyans who eat Ugali on a daily basis.

The bold content creator shared this controversial opinion on her Instagram account which has gained a lot of followers since she went viral.

During a series of posts discussing her Ilks when it comes to food, she explained that she did not understand Kenyans who chose to eat Ugali every day. Ntazola expressed that she would never get how a person would cook the same meal all year round.

The 25-year-old stated that there were other good meals around advising her followers to be more adventurous and try out different cuisines.

She drew examples from Korean and South African cuisines mentioning them as a great place to start for the people with a wandering tongue.

”There are these ones who eat ugali every day. hmmm why do you eat ugali. like that. How can you be cooking that on a daily? There is a lot of good food around try other cuisines from different cultures. Wake up morning try Korean cuisine, South African cuisine etc. U can’t just be eating ugali your entire life eeih” the content creator wrote.

Ntazola further expressed disgust for people who had a tough time controlling their appetite. She shared that she considered it a great turn off when people became gluttonous.

”Eat whatever u want to eat but when you are around me don’t eat like haven’t seen food before. It’s such a turn off fr. It turns me off when you have no control over food’ ‘she added.

Seems like the voluptuous lass’s 15 minutes of fame are yet to end anytime soon as netizens can’t get enough of her content.




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