In the recent days, concerns about the whereabouts of rapper Mustafa emerged after a section of Kenyans realised that his shop had remained closed for a while, yet they had raised funds for him to start over.

The shop is located in chokaa and it sells clothes and sneakers.

Following the concerns, the rapper has come out to explain the situation at hand denying claims that the shop had been permanently closed down.

“Shop kweli imekuwa ikifungwa lakini si ati tumefunga shop mambo yamekuwa mengi sana. Bado nilikuwa nashughulika na mama tulikuwa tunangoja baada hio radio therapy tufanye pediscan. Hicho ndicho kitu kimekuwa kikinifanya nisipatikane sana kazini pale kwenye shop. Apart from that mambo ya music na pia nimekuwa na shows nyingi nafanya  na sijapata mtu mwenye naweza mueka pale mwenye naamini kabisa anaezaniendeleshea kazi mpka mimi mwenyewe nirudi,” he revealed in  an interview with Mungai Eve Media.

He also admitted that several Kenyans have still been sending him financial support months after he went viral for working in mjengo to support his ailing mother.

Mustafa said that his mother’s cancer recovery journey was going on well and she is currently doing exercises to regain her physical strength. As a care giver, he has also been trained on how to handle the cancer patient.

“Alianza kufanyishjwa zumba mazoezi. Tumefanya radio therapy kama 23 sasa tunafaa kufanya saa hizi ni pediscan ya kuonyesha mwili mzima ile cancer kama ilitoka yote ama kama ilibaki kidogo,” he explained.

The rapper went viral in May this year after a video of him working in mjengo was leaked online. During an interview, he revealed that he had tried to keep the matter under wraps for about a year.

Kenyans overwhelmingly contributed money for him as well as his colleagues in the music industry.

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