Ongata Rongai residents were left in utter shock after police nabbed bhang worth Kshs6 million in a church.

The police in charge said that they were able to get 26 sacks of bhang  in the church, which carries out normal religious services.

He further said that they had arrested a few suspects  but several others had escaped.

“Leo hii, kushirikiana na wananchi tumekamata bangi magunia ishirini  na sita na  na gunia moja iko na ‘stones’  kama arubaini so you can imagine the worth of the bhangi ile tumekamata. Tumeshika suspects wengine but the main ones bado. Tutawakamata because walikua wametoroka but very strangely  hii tumeambiwa ilikua kanisa inatumika kama kanisa,” the officer in charge of the investigations said.

According  to him, the congregation  also takes the bhang and therefore that makes them suspects. Other than bhang, the church is also suspected to be involved with illegal dealings such as theft.

“Na kanisa ndio wanauza bangi, wanauzia hata washirika so we suspect hata wenye wanakuja kushiriki kanisa hili si watu sober ni watu wanatumia bangi pia tumeona wanafanya ukora ingine kama kuiba vitu ya wizi, tumepata electronics ambazo tunasuspect zilikuwa zimeibiwa. Tumepata pia mbuzi walikuwa wanachinja wakule washerehekee and thats hwe they have come to discover kuna bangi hii mahali. Najua kuna wazee wengi wanashirikiana na watu kama hawa but kuna wananchi wazuri.

The officer extended his gratitude to the locals who helped authorities with the investigations. He also expressed positivity in bringing all the suspects to book, since they are well-known members of the community.

The consignment nabbed will be taken to the police station while suspects in custody will be arraigned to court on Wednesday.

The officer further said that the court will decide what will be done to the drugs.


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