Terrence Creative, a renowned Kenyan content creator and comedian, recently took to social media to express his deep appreciation for his wife, Milly Chebby, for her unwavering support and love throughout their six-year journey as a married couple. In a heartfelt Instagram post, Terrence reflected on a challenging moment in their lives when he could hardly afford her dowry and could only muster Ksh 23,000, thanking his wife’s family for accepting their humble offering.

In the touching Instagram post, Terrence Creative captioned a series of photos with the following words: “Six years ago, we came from Rift Valley for Koito, we left here embarrassed. We had only come with 23,000/= for dowry. God bless my wife’s family for accepting our offer. Despite everything, they accepted me as I was… To my wife, you are a gem. God bless you for forever standing with me.”

“It is exactly 6 years and God has made it possible and wiped our tears, covered our shame and graced us with His blessings. All this is to the Glory and honor of God our provider and beautifies who makes it possible and beautiful at His time. To my wife you are a gem God bless for forever standing with me ,Saturday was a day to remember 🤍All this is to the Glory and honor of God our provider who makes it possible and beautiful at His time,” he further said.

The heartfelt message resonated deeply with Terrence’s fans and followers, as they showered the couple with messages of love and support. The post however comes just days after a successful dowry event that the couple held on Saturday October 21, 2023.

The event was grace by big shots in the entertainment industry including actress and comedian Jackie Vike, Singer Bahati and his wife Diana, the Kabus among others.

In a separate post however, Terence revealed that Milly chose him even after a wedding was planned for her.

“I know I didn’t deserve you, you had better options even a fully organised wedding to by pass me and that’s why I will always chose you. Love you Milly Chebby, I am happy to do life with you,” he wrote.


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