An explicit video shared online has united Kenyans yet again in a hot discussion that took over the internet last night.r

The racy video depicts a beautiful lady probably in her late thirties heavily intoxicated as an unidentified man has his way with her.

The young lady who netizens have identified as Adriana Wanjiku has her pictures wearing a very short red dress circulating just before the videos were leaked.

Sadly, it is not only a video of her unconsciously drunk that has been sent anonymously to the social media but also a nude video of her being laid by the currently unidentified man.

He undresses the drunk woman and immediately starts having his way with her  while recording the whole inhumane action.

The queer unidentified man exposed her private parts and sadly her face as she lay helplessly intoxicated on the bed.

This act has been castigated by many Kenyans who have termed it immoral and illegal championing Wanjiku to sue the man .

“Adriana Wanjiku should file a case against whoever raped her, whoever intoxicated her, whoever recorded the video and whoever shared it out here”

”We must stop the normalization of rape. Being drunk doesn’t give you a go head to rape someone. Sex without consent is rape” a Kenyan has commented.

Other netizens have blasted Wanjiku for being so silly drunk and have condemned the act of ladies drinking to an extent of being unconscious.

This is not the first time Kenyans have been united by a fellow citizen’s nude photos leaking. This inhumane act has knocked on doors of famous and well known individuals in the country.

Focus now shifts to the authorities who Kenyans hope will put the man in question behind bars for a long time.

The incident has pushed women support groups in the country to plead with lawmakers so as to make laws that protect women from similar predicaments.


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