Renowned actress and influencer Jackie Matubia has left her haters and critics confused with her recent Instagram post.

Matubia has been the talk of town for quite sometime and the latest being the state of her friendship with influencer and content creator Milly Chebby.

A few internet users had been propagating rumours that the fall out between Matubia and Millie Chebby was because of her tiers with Terence Creative, Milly Chebby’s,husband.

In response to her while giving updates about her eldest daughter Zari’s 8th birthday on her Instagram stories Matubia posted a sarcastic comment referring to Terence as her in-law (shem)reporting to him what people are saying online.

”My brother Terence creative (shemshem inasememkana unanikata hapa Instagram posts”

”Makosaa unanikata pale waa waa ” She said.

I the video which both Terence and Milly Chebby,Terence then takes turn in the conversation with ”kuna jumbe flani zinapita pale nikama zinakulenga mikuki  kuna mtanzania alikuwa anasenma ukiona nikama wanataka kukujua wachanganye tena”

Jackie who seemed to be proving a point faulted internet uses for always wanting them to be seen together at all times.”mme changanyika… sasa tushindnage kila siku pamoja kila siku pamoja”? to which Milly Chebby answered ”kiwata waraaamba.”

Speaking to Milele FM Radio presenter Ankali Ray, Matubia however rubbished claims that they were having issues. She added that Milly has been very busy but she wished Zari a happy birthday through a private message.

“Sisi ni sisters. She has been busy sana. She already even wished…alinitumia message tuko sawa kabisa us we are family hatukosanangi,” the mother of two said.

“Nimechoka. Wewe ukiona dalili unaona nini. Napenye pana moshi hapakosi (moto) very soon I will be doing a YouTube video ni muda tu nimekosa. I don’t think I have any explanations to give to any one. Mistake or any mistakes I make I deal with them. Things happen, mi nakaa kukosea. Watu wamekosewa hawanyamazangi wenye wamekosea ndio hunyamaza. Kitamboo, miezi mingi sana,” she said.

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