Wanja Kihii

Pritty Vishy has broken silence  on the stage managed relationship between Stevo Simple Boy and upcoming rapper Wanja Kihii, who went viral for dissing popular artists in Kenya and Tanzania such as Khaligraph Jones and Diamond Platnumz.

The Social media Influencer noted that in such a case, Wanja Kihii was just using Stevo to rise to fame and promote her projects.

Pritty Vishy was however not sorry for her ex Stevo and she urged Kihii to continue doing whatever she is doing.

“Its funny how women are using person X for clout and to push their project while ameng’eng’o tu. Any way Wanja Kihii use him properly. Am proud of you mama,” she wrote on Instagram.

Stevo Simple Boy and Wanja Kihii have been posing as lovers for a few days now, but fans are convinced that it is all clout, considering that Stevo is married. Another reason that has made Kenyans doubt the relationship  it’s because was publicized shortly after Stevo confessed his love for another rapper, Ngesh wa Vasha.

Explaining the sudden change of cause, Stevo said that he went for Kihii after being rejected by Ngesh. Ngesh said that she was in a relationship adding that Stevo was also married as well, therefore there is no way they could be together.

“Huwezijjua  mahali mahaba yatakupeleka. Kenye nilipendea Wanja Kihii ni vituko vyake. Kwa umbo pia ameumbika  lakini pia ako na ucheshi,” Stevo said.

Wanja Kihii on the other hand said that she accepted to date Stevo because he is cute and she loves his music. She denied being after Stevo because of money.

“Personality yake iko sawa kabisa,” she said.

Asked on his wife’s take about his decision to date Kihii, Stevo said that she was okay with it. He also justified his move saying that men were fewer than women.

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