Mike Sonko the former Nairobi city boss has reminsced on how one single phone call to former President Uhuru Kenyatta stopped illegal demolitions.

Taking to his X account filled with the spirit of throwing it back Thursday, the seasoned politician shared an old video captured during his time as the Nairobi governor.

The video depicted Sonko calling the former president on speaker phone infront of a multitude of people, during the demolitions of certain estates in Nairobi which included South B, Bank villa and the Winners Chapel Church.

In the call, the politician explains to Kenyatta that he has tried to write to the relevant authorities so as to stop the demolitions to no avail before giving away the name of  the Cabinet secretary in charge. The president promises to look into the matter as citizens cheer on.

The philanthropic man defended his then decision blasting people who castigated him for calling the president on speaker phone.

Sonko explained that the phone call to the head of state was the only he could rescue the estates and for that he would never regret it.

”TBT How I stopped the South B, Eagle Estate, Diamond Park 1&2 estates, Bank villa estate, and winners Chapel Church demolitions. Na washenzi wanasema why did I put the former president on speaker phone? I have no regrets, and I don’t care. I had to do it to rescue the situation at that time, and that’s why mpaka leo all those estates zimesurvive.” the politician wrote.





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