A video has surfaced online of a woman dancing with a man when her fake posterior butts fell .

The said woman, who was draped in a tightly hugging yellow mini dress and a pair of white sneakers, was  jamming to the beat on the dance floor.

The pair was rocking the dance floor with a waltz along other couples but in a turn of events the dance turned into an embarrassing spectacle as the woman’s bum could be seen falling out of place as she turned around in circles.

Onlookers were taken aback as the man in particular stared in amusement at the lady further subjecting the situation into a dreadful shameful moment.

The video which has been making rounds online has been cracking ribs as the unsuspecting woman didn’t notice her unstructured behind.

Butt implants have become popular among women but they also pose deadly dangers.

Malposition, occurs when an implant moves after the surgery. Some shifting of the implant is normal as you use your butt muscles, but the shifting should not have a significant impact on how your buttocks look.

Excessive implant shifting is typically caused by a tissue pocket that is too large for the implant which leaves room for the implant to shift. Implants also shift if you do not follow your surgeon’s aftercare instructions. Shifted implants give your buttocks an unnatural shape and require revision surgery to properly place and secure the butt implant.

Silicone leaks may also cause pain and scar tissue around the implant. In some cases, the silicone causes small lumps in other areas of the body. If your butt implant ruptures, surgery is required to remove the silicone.


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