United states-based influencer Bernice Saroni and former Kiss FM presenter Oga Obinna have had fans speculate that they are dating, after a photo, believed to be theirs went viral.

In the photo that Bernice shared a day ago on TikTok, she had  her hand wrapped around a man’s hand. The colour of the man’s hand, his ring and watch clearly matched obinna’s hence sparking the dating rumours.

“Enyewe vitu hufanana,” Obinna replied to a post that was shared by NGC, denying that the hand in the photo is not his.

He further said that there are imposters out there trying to copy his style and swag, urging people responsible for the rumour to stop the habit.

” Ati pete na saa imedo? I know there are imposters trying to copy my style and swag, Guys stop. Yaani mtu ametafuta pete na watch hadi mkono ametafuta yenye inafanana na yangu surely…guys stop it,” he said

After being reached out concerning the speculations, Obinna said that they might or not be dating ,and that only time would tell.

A couple of weeks ago, Barnice appeared in Obinna’s live show and their fans complemented them, saying that they made a nice couple.

Some netizens replied to the rumours of the two dating suggesting that they looked good together while some joked that it is a cold season and Obinna has to look for a better half.

Bernice is cousin to the famous Mugithi singer Sammido and is also know as” Mamake Boyz” .

She is an Entrepreneur ,Music promoter, Youtuber and business lady best known for her work of promoting Kenyan Artists in the United States by organising shows and concerts.
The popular Entrepreneur recently came to the limelight when it was alleged that she was hosting Samidoh’s estranged wife Edday

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