Many Kenyans are highly anticipating for the crossover concert, whereby Christina Shusho will be the main artist.

Gospel singer and preacher Size 8 is one of those who have shared their thoughts, regarding Kenyans going for a foreign artists and not one of their own.

“I think it is a good challenge for us artists tujiulize mbona huyo mtu ametolewa huko Tanzania akuje afanye the main act. I think its a good challenge for us artists, tukae chini tujiulize kunaendaje,” she said.

She also denied claims that Kenyan artist chase too much clout.

“Wakenya wanapenda sana gospel musicians wao kama Karura voices, Edith Wairimo, Evelyne Wanjiru, Mash Mwana, Benachi yaani gospel artists wanafanya kazi nzuri sana,” she said in a quickfire with Radio Citizen.

Size 8 also spoke on Shusho’s move to directly quote bible verses in majority of her songs.

“That is good, hata nimeona inatrend by the way that is how it is supposed to be. You are supposed to actually sing the word of God. Like the book of Psalms ni nyimbo zenye zimekuja zikakuwa neno so hilo neno unaezazitoa book of psalms ziwe neno sasa,” Size 8 said.

At the same time, Size 8 said she would show up for Shusho’s event, that has been scheduled for December 31, if she wouldn’t have other engagements.

“I will go if I will be in Nairobi and wouldn’t be going to preach anywhere,” the mother of two said.

Size 8 also talked about her salvation and secular past. She said that she misses nothing from the secular past

She also admitted that she once honoured an invite to perform in a club in Zimmerman after being saved but she strictly performed her gospel songs

“Siwezi imba secular, nawezaenda hio club kuimba gospel,” she said, adding that it was difficult for people to believe she was saved.

“Kuacha vitu nilikuwa nafanya ilikuwa rahisi lakini watu kuamini nimeokoka ndio ilikuwa kizingumkuti,” the preacher said.


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