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Gospel singer and pastor  Linet Munyali, also known as Size 8, warned married women against playing FBI when it comes to their husbands phones.

The former secular artist, well known for her song “Mateke”, said that if their partners wanted to cheat they will definitely cheat.

She added that a cheater could also go to an extent of having two cell phones in which one would be left in the office.

“Na wewe huwezikua FBI if somebody wants to do something, atafanya tu kama mtu anataka kufanya kitu, my friend, heeeeeh  atafanya atakua hata na simu moja anaachanga kwa ofisi….mtu akitaka kufanya kitu, atafanya my friend,”  she said in an interview.

The wife to DJ Mo further said that one’s partner had a life before meeting their current spouses hence they have a choice whether to be loyal or infidel.

She further insisted that it is not only woman who should refrain from going through their husbands phones.

Size 8 said that even women can be unfaithful to their husbands so it goes both ways.

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She advised married couples to leave their partners to the lord as He would expose any infidelity.

“Sometimes I tell men and women, leave your husband or wife to the lord. You can’t trust a husband a hundred percent neither can you trust a wife a hundred percent leave them to the person you can trust. God will expose it….put your faith in God,” Size 8 emphasized

Netizens however stepped up as usual to express their feelings towards Size 8’s opinions.

“Hakuna need then ya kuoa ama kukua in a relationship….Aint no way Im having someone that sleeps around with other people….,” commented memeszaannie

“Alafu kuna sisi tumepewa ata password, unaulizwa beb nani huyo ametext, unapata ni Maggie amecrushia omuhusband, ametuma long paragraphs, ladies ladies, Maggy ujue mm ndo hureply text zako,” regina_justins SAID

“Marriage is a beautiful set up, but kumbuka tu hiyo kitu sio rahisi…lazima mjikaze ndio isurvive,” said wanjiruthebosschic

Size 8 and DJ Mo have previously separated due to allegations of cheating.

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