Jimal Rohosafi a popular Instagram celebrity has found himself trending for the wrong reasons yet again.

This is after netizens noticed that his hair had not yet grown after months of his much publicized  hair transplant surgery that he underwent in Turkey early this year.

The flamboyant businessman took to his Instagram to post a candid photo of himself relaxing and enjoying his Sunday Unbeknownst to him that internet fans would turn the conversation to his hair.

”When you get what you want ,that’s God’s direction. Once you don’t get what you want that’s God’s protection. Be thankful for the step you are on.” he captioned.


Fans swerved the motivational talk to hair and surgery  talk in the comment section.

They questioned the businessman on his hair journey stating that the expensive surgery had been in vane.

”Mzee surgery ilienda vibaya , ywele bado haimei bana.”

”Ile nywele ulienda kuplant umesahau kuimwagia maji? answer the question.”

”Ni kama wale watu wa nywele kule Abroad hawakufanya job fiti sana. Direction and protection in order. God is good.” netizens commented.

The ”Huduma credit” boss went through the knife in 25 September. According to him, he decided to make his beauty enhancement surgery public because he wanted to pass a message to his fellow men that self-love mattered the most.

He spent millions as he underwent through two surgeries consecutively, the hair transplant and a gastric balloon surgery aimed at weight reduction.

Netizens alluded that the gastric balloon  was successful as Jimal has lost some visible amount of weight while they rendered the hair transplant a scam since not a single strand of hair could be spotted months after the surgery.

Jimal came to fame after his illicit relationship with popular socialite Amberay was made public. Their relationship received a lot of interest rom the public since he was still married at the time.




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