Former city boss Mike Sonko has once again gone on a philanthropy spree.

The former law maker came to the rescue of a lady who had been kicked out of her matrimonial home after he saw the video of her asking for help trending online.

The seasoned politician took to his X account to blast men who chase women away from their matrimonial homes especially if the couple has been married for longer periods of time.

”Wanaume wenzangu kama  kuna ujinga sipendi ni hii. Unfakuzaje  bibi yako kwa nyumba mumekaa for over 28 years. Well done Boniface Mwangi for exposing the story of scholastica Kimani Merali.” he tweeted



Merali alleged that her husband of 28 years was kicking her out of the matrimonial home forcing her to seek refuge in the servants quatre.

The philanthropist went personally to the property and helped the woman execute the court order.

”A woman Scholastica Kimani Merali was kicked out of her matrimonial home after 28 years of marriage. We have finally managed to successfully assist her in executing a court order to gain access back into her matrimonial home. No woman should be left to suffer in this situation again.” he posted after helping out the lady.




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