Popular female  disk jockey Dj Pierra Makena said that she has been raising her daughter, Ricca Pokot alone without the help of her baby daddy.

In a question and answer session, Pierra confirmed that she already forgot about  the father of her daughter since he is not responsible for their daughter.

The answer was meant to show that the baby daddy is not InTouch of the child and does not give even a dime to his own daughter.

“Eeeh sasa baby daddy, baby daddy ni nani? I don’t know my baby daddy by the way, mi nishamsahau. Nishamsahau mimi… simjui. Nikishasema nishamsahau that means that he is not in the life of the child sawa, He is not InTouch with the child,” the mother of one said

The actress said that the father of her daughter chose not to be in the life of her child.

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Mama Ricca further added that she would rather push a cat than beg a man to be in the life of her own flesh and blood.

“Ile tu kama niku kuu…kupush mkokoteni i would rather do it than beg a man love his own flesh and blood. You get what I mean? yeah sooo for me for me if a man chooses not tooo to be in the life of his child that one hata sina shida nayo kabisaa that is who he is and I respect that and I let him….I let him be,” She added

However, the famous DJ said that she would never force her baby daddy to be in the life of her child.

She further said that him being deadbeat doesn’t make her hate him since that is his character.

Pierra emphasized that God has enabled her so she doesn’t need anything from him.

“I would never ever force, God forbid….And that doesn’t make me hate him coz that’s who, that’s who he is. Alafu mimi mungu ameni… God has made it able for me so why,,, why… mnataka akuje anunue nini,” Dj Pierra said


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