As the internet age continues to revolutionise how we shop, Kenya’s informal markets are experiencing a spike in E-commerce. Corido Marketplace, a second-hand shop is among the businesses which have thrived in this digital era.

It is nine O’clock in the morning and everyone seems to be settling at their place of work while most business owners are keen on displaying their commodities. Am in the outskirts of Nairobi at Corido Marketplace, an online marketplace, with a physical store that has quickly transformed the lifestyle of dwellers in Amboseli Road and its environs, in terms of how they buy and sell second-hand items.

Kevin Rakama, Founder and CEO of Corido Marketplace tells us that the investment has been a modifying tool to its hood.

“Corido Marketplace has emerged as a ray of hope for the middle and lower classes acting as a bridge for them to acquire high end items at a reasonable price rate. The dream to own this digital space began in 2018 when my friends and I identified a need where people were having a problem to declutter their space and earn extra income while reducing waste” Rakama says.

He further elaborates how hard it was for him to convince his buyers and sellers through word of mouth that he sells and buys second-hand households. Like any other entrepreneur he decided to take up the risk of creating an online account for his business so that he would connect with his audience.

Few metres away from Rakama’s office is the display room. From Fridges, Gas Cookers, mattresses to Kid’s toys, the display is where most of their holds are kept, most of them are wrapped in cling film to prevent damages like scratches. Here I meet Faith Akinyi who is dusting and moving items, she tells us that that is one of her tasks at Corido Marketplace.

Every day when she reports to work her first duty is to ensure the items in the store are right in place and in a good state so that when consumers walk in they get attracted to the good impression they see. Faith, a saleslady at Corido Marketplace, says her experience at Corido has positively impacted her life.

Through her interaction with Consumers who visit the store her communication skill has developed significantly and she feels secure since she can create strong relationships with them and close deals faster.

Apart from Faith the saleslady, Corido Marketplace is a source of employment to most youth. Its staff comprises of IT specialists, Social Media Managers, Business innovators, Client Feedback Managers/Agents, Developers and Market researchers.

Corido Marketplace staff pose for a photo in the warehouse.


When asked about the strategies to ensure long-term sustainability, Rakama stressed the importance of maintaining mutual communication with consumers to make sure they are satisfied.

Beatrice a frequent consumer of Corido Marketplace confirms that if asked to pick a product from any other online store she will still pick Corido Marketplace because its business model  is structured as a self-service platform for both buyers and sellers, making the entire shopping process more efficient and enjoyable unlike what competitors offer.

Beatrice further says that products offered on the second-hand platform maintain a high standard of quality and style since they have been carefully selected from pre-owners.

According to a July 2023 report by The Star Newspaper, Cyber Attacks on Kenyan Businesses had increased by 82 per cent. This means online shopping is at risk of Cyber Insecurities. Rakama however emphasises on the importance of investing on robust cyber security measures to protect buyers and sellers who use the platform.

Rakama also urges business owners to understand how the Government co-relates with businesses and companies just to avoid frustrations or being on cross-roads. He points out the importance of licenses and permits for businesses which can be achieved when a good market research is done so that a business owner will know what they need for their business to run effectively and efficiently.

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