Socialite Vera Sidika has opened up on the death of her close friend Aziza Frisby, who had started gaining popularity among Kenyans.

According to her, Aziza’s death hit her so hard that she was forced to undergo therapy. Vera said that she had never lost a person that is so close to her before.

“That was a really tough time for me. Losing someone that close to me. I have lost relatives whom I met maybe once when I was a little girl, but here I am losing someone who was so close to me, I would talk to her every day. It was really hard for me. Actually, I went through therapy to help me deal with that,” the mother of two shared after  returning from a tour in the United States on Sunday.

The rising socialite passed on, on 4th October of this month. Her body was found on her bed on Wednesday morning long after she had died.

She had vomited, police said. Frisby is of mixed race, with British and Tanzanian roots, and has seen a rise in social media appeal since 2017.

Her roommate, who happened to be her sister, told police they had been drinking with the deceased and other friends before they retired to bed on Tuesday night which was on October 3. Frisby too retired to her room alone at Elena Apartments where they had been staying.

Come Wednesday, morning, Frisby failed to wake up when her sister went to wake her up.

An ambulance was called to the scene and personnel confirmed she had died earlier on. Police were called to the scene and announced that a probe had been launched.

Vera Sidika called out celebrities who pretended to offer condolences on social media but failed to make an effort to attend the funeral, calling them ‘fake friends’.

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