A section of Kenyans  have questioned DCI if they consulted health and environmental officers before setting confiscated Marijuana on fire.

The  cannabis sativa was destroyed by the officers in Marsabit following a court’s order.

The destruction of the large amount of cannabis was supervised by the court user’s committee in Marsabit County.

DCI confirmed on their twitter that out of the 670 kilograms of Cannabis, 152 kilograms was under DCI Moyale custody while 522 kilograms of the rest of the bhang was from the Moyale law courts.

“Meanwhile ANU detectives around the country remain in high alert to ensure that the continued war againist drugs continues to bear the much desired fruits,” DCI further stated.

Kenyans were however concerned about how the marijuana was destroyed in open air.

“Did you do it in an incinerator or in an open air? Did you seek for permission from county public health officer or even Neema coz you can’t make everybody living around that area to smoke that cannabis by force,” tweeted @owaka_eric

“Yaani we burn money in Kenya. When will @Kenyajudiciary opt to make good use of this weed and get resources or revenue from this so-called contraband, were talking of poverty in 2023??? It’s a pity and a shame, so many products can be got here for medicinal purposes,” wrote @njoroge86

” I really don’t understand why something of value is set ablaze @DCI_Kenya…why can’t you export these drugs to countries where they are legal…and use the money on poor hustlers …buanaaaa I thought you guys have solomonic wisdom kumbe I thought@DCI-Kenya geuza maneno,” commented @adamsNabwera105





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