Maestro Mugithi singer Samidoh, in his Insta stories, has elicited debate online after he advised that Men should not stay with a weman who don’t take instructions  or corrections from them.

Samidoh implicitly suggested that Men should avoid women who are not submissive claiming that they are a thorn in the flesh.

In the video the singer reached out to men explaining how a proud woman would lead them to ruin and leave them in writhing in a lot of pain.

“Men, a woman who doesn’t listen does not belong in your life. I shall explain , a woman who doesn’t take corrections from you, a woman who doesn’t take instructions from you , a woman who doesn’t take directions from you is dangerous,” Samidoh shared.

The video further suggested that a woman who was inconsiderate and only focused on her needs at the expense of her lover is a trait that is perceptively deleterious to a healthy relationship.

He described the ladies with the above mentioned character traits as brash and emotionally exhausting.

Samidoh alluded to the fact that women who often want to brag how great they are deprive the relationship of peace and tranquility.

The father of five described these women as being dishonest, ungrateful, disloyal, and treacherous, using strong language to imply that they are capable of humiliation, treachery, and eventually leaving their partners for someone else.

He also explained that if a Man weeps it stems from an emotionally devouring grief  that causes him to largely cave into a whirlwind of thoughts that  is undisputedly hard to recover from.

“The sound of a man crying is piteous noise almost worse than an infant’s cry. Babies are either hungry, sick or bored , or need changing. A man is none of these things. He was wrapped in grief as deep as the ocean, and no one could anything to help him” his further post read.



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