Years ago, Betty Kyallo was involved in a terrible road accident while going to see a doctor and also meet with her boyfriend known as Mike.

The former new anchor was hit and dragged by a bus while attempting to cross the road to meet her boyfriend around in Nairobi.

Betty sustained serious injuries including a scarred face, jawbone, broken ribs and an injured lungs.

“It was such a horror. I was in hospital recovering. My guy came and saw how I no longer had a face. I never saw him again. I understand now that I am grown up. He never came back after visiting the first day. I think he was so traumatized. Sasa dem yako amekuwa msupuu sahi hana half of her face anakaa ni kama amechomeka,” she told Oga Obinna and further wondered why men leave women when things get tough.

Betty however says that she was not hurt by her boyfriend’s actions because of the situation she was in.

“Nitalia juu niko mgonjwa au heartbreak. Nilikuwa nimevunjikavunjika. I had lost four of my ribs, lungs had collapsed, it was a bad situation. I took two months in hospital, 7 different surgeries. Nikarudi shule huna half of your face, watu wanakuangalia kwa streets, you feel so bad, nikaanza kuvaa mascarfs” the mother of opened up.

She however denied undergoing skin grafting to regain her normal face.

“When I was in hospital, mum akasema because I want to be a news anchor  si tufanye tu skin grafting. They remove a part of your thigh or any part of the body, they stick it on the part that is affected. My mum was willing to do that for me. The doctor was like let’s give it time, if not we will do skin grafting from her own thigh,” Betty said.

“So meaning haga yako iko kwa uso?” Obinna questioned her.

Responding to that, Betty said that the procedure did not push through as her skin grew back naturally.

“The skin grew back pole pole. God is good. Hapana hatukutoa,” she said.



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