Douglas Muchela made highlights last month as he was sacked by the school Mukumu Girl’s HighSchool  for apparently providing false information to the media without proper consultation and verification.

A month after the unfortunate dismissal Muchela still claims that he was wrongly dismissed by the school Board of Management (BOM) and that his statements were based on facts.

In his defence, he said that the school was covering what was already known by the public domain.

Muchela who has now taken legal action against the school,through his lawyers wants the court to make a decision that his termination as a cook was unlawful and lacked any formal procedure.

He further wants compensation for his dismissal which he claims was detrimental for him and further subjected him to pain and anguish.

The cook also claims his termination and publication has ruined his reputation and he faces danger of not being employed elsewhere.

“The actions taken by the school has made have series of fatigue and threatened my ability to be employed anywhere following the misleading information the respondent gave the media. I am currently unemployment and also risk continuing in the same situation following the conduct of the respondent putting in mind that this is the only source of livelihood I depend on,” he said in his statement.

Muchela further argued that he did not hide any information to the media and the school misinterpreted that.

“On March 7, 2023, I approached the principal with a sole purpose to relay this information. I was even hospitalised with the same issue that occurred during the tragedy that is severe pain in the oesophagus and blood strained stool,” he said.

The case has now the intervention of the Attorney General of civil litigation department of Kakamega to further scrutinize the case.

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