MCSK boss Ezekiel Mutua and Citizen TV’s Strategy and Innovations Director Linus Kaikai have destroyed each other in a war of words that ensued on Twitter.

Trouble started when Ezekiel Mutua thrashed Citizen TV’s ongoing documentary, titled Jane and Solomon.

“This Jane and Solomon story on Citizen TV is a scam. Much ado about nothing,” Mutua stated on Twitter.

The comment however did not pass Linust Kaikai’s eye, who called out Ezekiel, referring to him as a scam as well.

“Well Ezekiel Mutua if for nothing else, a scam is watching another,” he said.

Mutua did not take Kaika’s response lying down.

“Juvenile despicable, but quite understandable being a Viusasa response to a viewer’s cop=mment.” he hit back at the Citizen TV journalist.

From the comments section, most netizens agreed with Mutua’s views.

“They know nothing about crime documentaries,” Kuley Jnr said while Clifford B. claimed that KBC had already run a similar documentary four months ago.

Jane and Solomon is a crime documentary that is based on a real life story. The documentary contains 8 episodes and was first aired last Sunday. It is expected to run to August 20.

The true events of the story happened in 2016, when Jane murdered Solomon Mwangi, her husband, over cheating suspicions. The woman that Solomon allegedly cheated with, an Mpesa lady, was also killed.

Jane was the principal of Ichachiri secondary School while Solomon was the principal of Kiru boys.

According to investigations, Jane visited her husband at night. She was in the company of two men, who later executed the Kiru Boys principal and had his body dumped at a coffee plantation.

A source from the Citizen TV team, revealed that it took one year to prepare the crime series.

Promotional poster for Jane and Solomon series.

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