In a riveting clash of words and reputations, Kenyan hip-hop heavyweights Octopizzo and Khaligraph Jones find themselves embroiled in a fiery exchange that has sent shockwaves through the music industry.

The saga began when Khaligraph Jones boldly asserted that no rapper in Kenya could hold a candle to his prowess, except for Octopizzo who might outshine him in a fashion showdown.

During an interview with Oga Obinna, Khaligraph Jones expressed his stance, emphasizing that his rivalry with Octopizzo was on hold, attributing this decision to a shift in priorities. He made it abundantly clear that while he respected Octopizzo’s fashion sense and his journey from the streets of Kibera, no one could match his lyrical supremacy.

In response, Octopizzo unleashed a torrent of words aimed squarely at his nemesis.

“Naskia bado kuna fala flani aja Acha kunitaja taja kwa Ma interview… Unachokitafta utakipata very soon. Kunja kunja mdomo hio side ingine nani. Acha nimalizane na waterfalls kwanza,” Octopizzo said.

The two hip-hop titans share a history of rivalry and rivalry, yet it is evident that the passage of time has brought a nuanced perspective to their feud.

Khaligraph Jones, at the seasoned age of 33, expressed a matured disposition, acknowledging that personal differences should not obstruct simple civility. “When I meet Octo I greet him ‘Niaje’. If he wants him to answer or not, I still greet him,” Khaligraph asserted, signalling a truce of sorts.

This back-and-forth exchange highlights the enduring rivalry between the two prominent figures in Kenyan Hip-Hop. Khaligraph Jones, at the age of 33, asserted his maturity and lack of interest in pursuing prolonged feuds. Octopizzo’s fiery retort, however, demonstrated that the competitive spirit still burns bright in the Hip-Hop arena.


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