Gospel musician Ringtone Apoko has refuted claims being propagated by former presidential aspirant Cassypool Capon about the facilitator of his lifestyle.

Ringtone and Cassypool who seem to have been beefing before were captured in a random video by 2mbili exchanging fists.

According to the voices in  the background… Ringtone accuses Cassypool for  stating that he lives in Wanye area where his coveted flashy lifestyle is being is being supported by a mzungu.

”wewe unaniharibia jina mimi  ni yatima ,kwanini mtu anashinda anasema mimi naishi wanye mzungu ameniweka…  umenipea mzungu?”He asked Cassypool.

Ringtone further revealed that he is an orphan and its his hardwork that has landed him a residence in one of Kenya’s posh areas Runda.

”Mimi ni yatima nimeng’ang’ana kuishi runda  sawa..”

Demanding for respect from Cassypool  the controversial gospel artist cited an incident in the bible where Jesus was overcome by anger ”Aniheshimu wacha niwaambie mimi nimeokoka lakini kuna wakati mapepo ingine inapigwa ”

The two were separated from exchanging blows by comedian YY.

Courtesy  2Mbili

However in a recent interview Cassypool has accuse Ringtone of intentionally attacking him while he was conducting an interview.

”Siku yote nmekuwa nazungumzia vitu kuhusu Ringtone mbona hiyo kamkasirisha?alitoka tu purposley kakuja kuniaraurila mashati  na vitu ka hizo lakini mimi nayo nlimzingia freshy kabisa ” he stated amidst speculations that the two are clout chasing


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