The Azimio La Umoja One Kenya Coalition Party Leader, Raila Odinga now wants documents signed by a representative of The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, The United Arab Emirates, and The Republic of Kenya excluding the Ministry of Energy and Petroleum to be shared with the public.

Odinga’s remarks stemmed from the G to G memorandum of understanding oil deal which has been talked about by the National Assembly Majority Leadership, CS For Energy and Petroleum Davis Chirchir and Oil firms.

Odinga who spoke during a press briefing on the Controversial Kenya Oil Saga claimed that the legislative arm of Government had been captured by the Executive and would no longer perform its oversight role.

“Apparently, we have reached a situation where oil marketing companies, all with shady histories feel confident and compelled to answer Kenyans when Kenyans seek answers from their government” Odinga observed.

Odinga, who happened to be in agreement to Busia’s Senator Okiya Omtatah suspicion said that the businesswoman linked to the Ksh 17.2 billion imported Oil Saga Ann Njeri is just the ‘private financial enterprises.

”The senator tabled evidence that in June 2023, at the closure of the 2022/2023 Financial Year, the National Treasury withdrew Ksh17, 224, 718, 718, 632, to subsidize private financial enterprises” Odinga stated

“The CS for Energy and Petroleum Chirchir and The National Treasury CS Njuguna Ndung’u have certainly committed criminal offences, abused office and gone against the constitution. They stole money from the consolidated fund, in addition to spend monies way above way above what parliament approved” Odinga who now wants the two to resign and also prosecuted stated.

Odinga raised concerns on who cleared Njeri’s ship to travel to Kenya and how it was offloaded. He also added that for a ship to leave one port for another it had to get a letter from the Ministry of Energy and Petroleum showing that the ship had been given permission to load and offload a cargo in Kenya.

Odinga has also issued an assurance that the opposition will not relent on the oil matter until punishment and the truth is given.

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