After months of keeping fans waiting before they have a glimpse of the face of Princess Kyla Omondi, the first born child and daughter of Comedian Eric Omondi and his girlfriend Lynne Njihia, the couple has finally decided when to reveal the face.

Eric has said that they will unveil Kyla’s face on Thursday this week, since there is someone who has paid Ksh50 million for the reveal.

“Kuna mtu amefika bei. Kuna bazuu amewalipia muone princess. This Thursday 10 am @Kylaomondi,” he said.


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Eric had vowed previously to never show his daughter’s face unless he is paid the above mentioned amount of money.

“For me to reveal the face of my child it will cost you a lot of money, for me to reveal the face of my baby I must be paid Ksh.50 million and then the person to pay me 50 million whether it is a magazine, they will publish and you will see it from there,” Omondi said.

“The face of my daughter will be very difficult for you guys to see. I sort to put a lower amount because the economy is very harsh at the moment, so I decided on Ksh.50 million because is a bit affordable. Let’s do a bare minimum, pesa kadogo tu.”

Eric said that he was charging such a huge amount because she is his child and he won’t be coning anyone.

“My Child is Eric Omondi’s daughter, let’s begin on that note.”Am not coning anyone, if you would not be able to meet the amount then I would not reveal the face, it’s that simple, by the way my daughter is very beautiful, I could see from the scanning that we did, ni mtoto mrembo sana,” he said.

He also later came out to break down the Ksh 50 million charge.

“Sh 5 million for her nose, Sh 13 million for her smile, and her eyes Sh 24 million,” Eric said.

Kyla will be hitting four months in the second week of December.

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