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The controversial Moses Kuria has responded to the former President Uhuru Kenyatta after his remarks concerning the Kenya Kwanza Government orchestrated by William Ruto at a Fund-raising ceremony at a church in Mwingi, Kitui County.

Kenyatta accompanied by the Wiper Party Leader Kalonzo Musyoka censured his successor for blaming him over his government failures and poor economy.

“I do not want to say much… not because I fear… I stopped fearing. We have been threatened, told a lot of things. Every time someone fails, they say ‘OH! Previous government,” Uhuru told the congregants.

Kenyatta in his witty remarks said that he is used to these blames noting that the government is using him as an escape route for incompetence.

“Tomorrow when women fail to give birth they will say ‘you know Uhuru did it’. I don’t know, but I am used to it,” he noted.

The Public Service Cabinet Secretary did not let this slide he took to his largely followed X account to respond to   Kenyatta’s remarks.

Kuria stated that the current government was still trying to clean the mess left behind and they would do a better job if the former president offered them his silence.

“Every day the full magnitude of the mess you left behind is dawning on us. We are not complaining. We will continue to clean the mess. We can do so when you are quiet. Better,” Kuria wrote.

He continued to accuse his former boss of desiring and spreading word that the country’s economy would collapse by 2023.

Kuria terming Kenyatta as ”president Emeritus” advised him to take it up personally with Kimani Ichung’wa  if he had a problem with the state capture bill.

“You thought the economy would collapse by December 2023 as you have told your friends repeatedly. Now that it’s clear we have navigated your murky waters, you are all over again… if you have a problem with Kimani Ichungwa’s State Capture Bill, call him directly or visit him in Gikambura.” Kuria’s note read in part

The CS further blamed Uhuru for Odinga’s downfall during the 2022 General Election saying that he conned him.

“You are not happy that Raila has refused your contract to cause violence. You conned him that you would make him the President then fired all your experienced campaign managers. You lied to the old man! And now you want to manage him again by saying you are in Azimio to stay. Mjinga akierevuka…,” he told Kenyatta as he wished him a blessed Sunday.

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