Karen Nyamu and Samido one of the most controversial couples in Kenya have caused a stir online yet again.

The two love birds elicited different reactions from Netizens after they were spotted taking a motorbike ride in Town.

Nyamu who is a nominated UDA senator took to her Instagram account to share a clip that has since gone viral depicting the two on a bodaboda.

In the clip, Nyamu is all smiles as she records the ”historical” ride while Samidoh smiles at the camera trying to survive the wind which is by now blowing her hair towards him.

Typical of Samidoh, the artist can be heard addressing other motorists who were probably star-struck seeing the two affluent celebrities on a motorbike in town. He advises them to drive safely as they are in the Central Business District.

The mother of three proceeded to caption her video informing her fans and followers that the Weekend had already started. She asked party animals to send her the location seeing that her lover had already got her in a motorbike for easier movements.

”Tuma pin weekend ianze sasa, ata nimesha pandishwa nduthi.” she wrote.


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Excited Kenyans flocked to her comment section with opinions on the type of ride the love birds had settled on. Some men took it as a chance to advise ladies to be like Nyamu as she proved she did not mind hopping onto a motorbike even if she owned an expensive car.

”Kama hupendi Karen wewe ni mchawi, she’s just wild and free. Who would not want to be around this beautiful, smart woman for that matter?”

”Samidoh amesema mambo ya kutuma fare inakuliwa na hii uchumi nefa efa. Mwanaume ni kujituma.”

”Hapa ni kama nothing but prayers alike enforce.” netizens commented.

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