Njugush the Kenyan comedian has come forward to give nuggets of wisdom on the sensitive issue of domestic violence.

The comedian spoke during an interview where they were hosted together with his wife who is popularly known as Wakavinye.

The father of two stated that Domestic Violence is a thing of the past and it should not happen to either gender or to anyone regardless of the situation.

The celebrated comedian advised couples to divorce or separate in case they realized that they could not solve issues without physical altercations.

”Gender-based violence must not happen and not just to one gender, to everyone, to anyone it should never happen. Two, if you cannot solve issues channel kwa amani.”

He explained that physical abuse was uncalled for since beatings did nothing but create hate or fear within a household.

The comedian hilariously questioned why one would beat up their partner considering that in their parent’s house one was not being physically assulted.

He advised people in toxic relationships to leave and go back to their parent’s house instead of risking to being another statistic in people who have lost their lives to domestic viiolence.

”Hakuna haja utandike mtu na kwao hakua anachapwa unakuja tena kumtandikia kwako?na kwao aliacha mambo poa kuliko ata kwako?” he questioned.

Kenyans flocked the comment section with opinions on the comedians stand on the sensitive matter.

Some lauded his remarks on people leaving if they could not solve issues through communication while others blamed women in abusive relationships stating that they were willing to stay and get beat up as long as the man had money.

”Aki ni ukweli,mtu akikuchosha mrudishe kwao ama ata wewe ukiona umechosha mtu rudi kwenu.”

”Nani hana kwao? ukitandikwa rudi home”

”Some people though especially the ladies are willing to stay in abusive relatinships as long as jamaa ako na pesa..mtu kama huyo atasaidiwa aje?”

The comedian’s stand comes as some Kenyan celebrities have come forward as victims of abuse.

Popular socialite , Amberay caused havoc online after she accused her child’s father of assult after he alledgedly slapped her silly during a night out with friends. They have since reconciled.

Talented songbird Avril also came forward with similar claims last week. She posted a photo depicted lumps and bruises on her swollen face. She called out her longterm boyfriend jibril blessing who is a famous music producer for persitent violence over the cause of their 7 year relationship.



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