Social media users have continued to  speak their mind after content creator Vincent Mboya revealed that he has been arrested.

Early this morning Vincent Mboya took to is Instagram to reveal that he had been arrested and mentioned the grounds on which the unfortunate incident happened.

Hi guys I was arrested and am heading to court. ”He wrote before adding that  he was accused of assault .

”Am accused of rape and assault which isn’t true, Incase I will come out I will narrate the whole story. Just pray for me guys” Vincent Mboya wrote.

The youtuber also added that he would need monetary assistance if things went out of place .

”Incase I will be issued a cash bail or bond I will ask for your support.”


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However his followers tend to think that he is clout chasing since it has become the norm of  many influencers in the Kenyan internet space.

Some of Vincent Mboya’s fans also wondered how he could afford to buy a car but he cannot afford to have money to bail himself out of prison.

But mnaeza buy gari, lakini ikifika ya kutolewa kwa cell mnataka tuchange.. hamtaki kuguza savings zenu anyways ukichangiwa si utanitumia ka Mia tano hapo bro?

Uza gari ulipe bail”

”This ‘celebrities’….showing off cash n buying cars then asking for financial support saa za shida.”’

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