A section of Kakamega sugarcane farmers have openly welcomed the government revival plans of major sugarcane milling companies in the region.

President William Ruto laid out strategic plans to revive the fallen sugar mills that have highly affected economy in the region.

The farmers, from Mumias Subcounty, want government to have their interests at hand in the revival of the cane milling companies.

“The government should install a management that cares about the production of the cane and a management that cares about the farmers, drivers and the community at large that is involved in the sugarcane production process,” Okumu, a  cane farmer, said.

In addition, the farmers pleaded with the president to ensure that the revival process of the sugarcane should not be politically motivated.

“The president and his team should appoint a committee that will directly talk with the farmers and millers. The committee should not be politically affiliated because their motive will be more of political than our interests and this will fail just like before,” he added

The government has issued a memorandum through the National Treasury to the National Assembly for scrutiny on the strategic measures on how to revive the sugarcane milling firms.

The plans include leasing of sugarcane mills, merging of some of the companies, writing off debts owned by the public sugarcane mills which stands at Ksh 115 billion currently, effective settlement of disputes among the cane mills and providing a zone safe for investors.

Furthermore, the treasury has proposed a committee to work with Mumias Sugarcane Milling Company board, County Government and other key stakeholders to come up with effective restructuring plan.

The downfall of Mumias has jeopardised major economic sectors in Mumias especially in towns like Shibale where businesses have closed down due to low sales.

Farmers and cane millers are eagerly waiting for the government revival plans to kick in so as to restore their economic reputation.

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