Controversial content creator Andrew Kibe has weighed on the  trend of some Kenyan communities giving their male children female names.

According to him, the trend is similar to women taking their sons for circumcision, a role that is strictly considered for men.

“Imagine vile mother ako anawezakuwa na roho mbaya akuite jina yake na ni msapere, hio ni roho inakaa aje. Hakuna mwanamme kwa maisha yake angekuita anakuita jina yake that is the most narcicstic sh*t I have ever seen. It is the same thing as women taking their son’s for circumcision. It’s the useless process if it is the women that are taking their sons for circumcision. The guy might as well stay with his foreskin and men are sitting their watching this shit happen,” he said on a video uploaded to his YouTube channel.

Kibe further blamed pastors and priests for highly contributing in the trend. He said that the men of the cloth are the most evil people in the country.

The former radio host added that pastors were colluding with women to finish men in the country.

“Some of the most evil motherfu**ers we have in Kenya are the priests and pastors because they cahoot with our women to destroy us. They are turning our women against us. They are talking to them every day  telling them ‘you guys if you know your husband is this this and this…’ They are telling them bring your sons here we shall do circumcision for them here.

“Pastors and priests are working with our women to destroy men, they are worse than NGOs that have been brought into the country to even bring homosexuality” the commentator insisted.

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