In the recent days, a section of Kenyans have been concerned about the whereabouts of actress Joy Karambu, popularly known as Kawira.

Kawira is popular because of her role in TV drama series Papa Shirandula that was aired on Citizen TV for years.

One user of Twitter X took to the platform to question about Kawira’s whereabout.

“Huyu alienda wapi?” he captioned the actress photo where by she was donning a school uniform.

Responding to the Twitter user, Kawira said, “Finally X natafutwa”, accompanied with laughing emoticons.

Another fan used to the opportunity to find about her whereabouts.

“Ulipotelea wapi?” he commented on the post.

“Hii kanairo tu,” she responded.

“Niko tu hii Nairobi yenu,” she further told another Twitter user.

Another netizen wanted to know if she has finally settled down. “Ulipata mjumba, asking for my little bro,”the netizen posed.

“Mjumba ni mgani,” she wondered.

Kawira was on the spotlight in June last year after she came out to open about her failed marriage with Ephantus Safari. The two had been married for 6 years and were blessed with twins, a boy and a girl. On June 16, 2020, the actress however decided to call it quits.

I said it is a wrap, I quit. When you see you dont know where the relationship is heading to, you say for the sake of your own peace and that of the other person, you go your separate ways.I am almost there but it will take some time. 6 years in the game cant go just like that. When you see something that you dont know where it is heading to, you better go your way for the sake of your own peace,” she told Hiram Maina.



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