Popular comedian Sande Mayua alias Mtumba man has blasted an online stranger who advised him to stay away from kikuyu ladies.

The entertainer took to his Instagram stories where he narrated the distasteful encounter he had with an adviser who communicated with him through direct Instagram messages.

Mayua explained that the stranger in question counselled him to prefer Luo women to kikuyu ladies stating that Kikuyu women with their flat derrieres would  kill the comedian adding that most of them date men for their money.

Seemingly upset by the counsel , the 27 year old declared that he was above 18 and would therefore follow his heart. He further explained that  curvy women are not every man’s type.

Mayua  then proceeded to give advice of his own, counselling  fans to travel and meet different people and tribes and  that way they would get to appreciate other cultures and get rid off their  rigid mentality.

In the same post, the funny man gave an example of a voluptuous Instagram model known as Winnie njenga. He stated that in spite of the model being a kikuyu girl she had a beautiful figure and she was financially independent hence people should refrain from judging people on basis of their tribe.

”So some stranger came to my inbox started advising me ooh tafuta mjaluo achana na hawa Kikuyu  watakuua,mara hawana matako, Tuache hii ujinga .Kuna mentality tunafaa tutoe  kwa akili kabisa .Mara ooh wanataka pesa yako. My friend am above 18, I will follow my heart , kando na hiyo, not every man goes for matako, have you seen@Winnine njenga? mtoto mkikuyu na ana asss na pesa zake, shes just more than yaani mtoto full package,” read part of his post.

The stranger’s advise comes days after Mayua accused his girlfriend of domestic violence. He posted up a video depicting him badly hurt and his house properties vandalized.





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